The dominant force in electric motorcycle racing since it began in 2009, our motors have powered more than 80% of electric race bikes globally and won more than 80% of the podiums, including the Grand Slam of the World Series in UK, Europe and America.

Formed in 2015 following the merger between electric motorbike company Agility Global and electric motor manufacturer Agni Motors, Saietta Racing blends deep technical expertise drawn from F1, aerospace and automotive, to deliver radical new innovations to the race circuit.

Combining the track record of Agni Racing with Agility’s radical approach to design and engineering, Saietta Racing brings a new breed of zero emissions race bikes to the world stage.


At Saietta, we race not simply to win, but to push our technology forward: to drive innovation and force ourselves out of our comfort zones and into brave new territory.

Racing is one of the harshest environments in which we can test our ability to deliver technology and performance. It is the spearpoint that drives innovation for customers, other motorcycle companies and the entire procurement chain.

As an integral division of Saietta Motorcycles, Saietta Racing is our test bed for new technology: for our motors, our race motorcycles and ultimately for the technology that will power our road bikes. By pushing to the very edge of the envelope on track, we expand the performance for our motors and road bikes – filtering the lessons learned in the most arduous track conditions, to deliver radical new innovations to our customers.


Saietta Racing was formed in 2015 as part of Saietta Motorcycles, following the merger of Agility Global and Agni Motors. The two companies had worked together for many years, with Agility bringing in Agni Motors as electric drivetrain partner for their award-winning Saietta R electric sports motorbike.

Agni Motors made its name as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high efficiency electric drivetrains, with their motors powering 80% of winning race bikes globally, setting electric powerboat world records and even powering the world’s first manned electric helicopter. Agni’s own race team, Team Agni, claimed numerous victories on track, including the first ever Isle of Man TTXGP in 2009.

Agility Global received widespread acclaim for its endeavours to transform the premium electric motorcycle sector, with prototype road bike Saietta R (0-60mph in under three seconds, 127Nm peak torque) proving that electric is anything but a compromise.

Saietta Racing sits at the very heart of Saietta Motorcycles, testing the technology that will radically transform vehicle sectors with electric motors that ultimately surpass the internal combustion engine in power, performance and design.


Winner of electric motorcycle race

Saietta motors powered race bikes of the winning Zongshen team in the European electric motorcycle championship MOTO-E in 2014. The championship comprised of 5 races including Assen, Anglesey, Hockenheim and Donington.

Runners up

We entered motorcycles, gaining 2nd place with a time of 25m 21.19 sec and an average of 89.290mph, and 4th position with a time of 25m 39.50sec with an average speed of 88.228m

Runners up

Our electric motor powered the winning bike in round one of the US Championship, taking second place in the four rounds at Infineon Raceway, Elkhart Lake, Road America and Virginia International.


Our electric motors powered majority (over 80%) of the race teams in the World Championship Series in 2010. We also entered two prototype bikes in the finals and secured third place in the Grand Final with a maximum speed of 118mph.

Series Champion

Agni Racing (now Saietta Racing) entered two bikes in the UK zero-emission motorcycle championship TTXGP in 2010, competing in four rounds at Snetterton, Anglesey, Pembrey and Brands Hatch for the UK championship. One bike claimed victory in three of four rounds, leading to the Series Champion title for TTXGP UK Championship 2010.

Race Champion

Our motors created history when Agni Racing (now Saietta Racing) were crowned champions at the inaugural TTXGP zero-emission motorcycle race on June 12th, 2009. The first ever TTXGP was held on the world’s toughest race track, the Isle of Man Mountain Circuit. Our e-bike, powered by two of our motors, crossed the line 1st with a time of 25m 53.5s with an average speed of 87.43mph.